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The Shoah of Carbon Dioxide

“I would like to say we’re at a point where global warming is impossible to deny. Let’s just say that global warming deniers are now on a par with Holocaust deniers, though one denies the past and the other denies the present and future.”

Ellen Goodman of the Boston Globe newspaper




“ Currently, about 300 thousand people die every year from the effects of climate change, with another 325 million seriously affected, primarily because of reduced access to fresh and safe drinking water. At its core, global warming denial is like Holocaust denial, an assault on common decency. ”

Banker, David Federer




” Clouds of a different sort signal an environmental holocaust without precedent. Once again, world leaders waffle, hoping the danger will dissipate. Yet today the evidence is as clear as the sounds of glass shattering in Berlin.”

Filmmaker and failed movie star Al Gore




” I wonder what sentences judges might hand down at future international criminal tribunals on those who will be partially but directly responsible for millions of deaths from starvation, famine and disease in decades ahead. I put this in a similar moral category to Holocaust denial.”

Mark Lynas, nihilist and author of, The God Species: How the Planet Can Survive the Age of Humans.’




” A lot of them complain because they say the word denial puts them in the same bin as holocaust deniers. That’s too bad. But the thing is, they do have something in common: a denial of evidence and of scientific consensus. “

Phil Platt, Big Bang astronomer




” An Inconvenient Truth is so convincing that it makes opposers of the argument as credible as Holocaust deniers. “

Jon Niccum, NGO news reporter




“ Bluntly put, climate change deniers pose a greater danger than the lingering industry that denies the Holocaust. ”

Joel Connelly, NGO News reporter




“Others working to derail this critical piece of legislation will be seen as the Adolf Hitlers of our day, contributing to a holocaust vastly eclipsing the horrors of World War II.”

Chad Kister, author of ‘How Global Warming is Destroying One of the World’s Largest Wilderness Areas’ (Kister is referring to the Arctic)




” Those who abjure global warming are not skeptics; they are deniers. To call them skeptics is to debase language as much as to call the Ku Klux Klan ‘prejudiced,’ Holocaust deniers ‘biased,’ or Flat-Earthers ‘mistaken.’ ”

James Powell, National Physical Science Consortium




“ If we cannot stop the building of more coal-fired power plants, those coal trains will be death trains – no less gruesome than if they were boxcars headed to crematoria . . . ”

James Hansen, former member of the taxpayer funded vested interest group called NASA.




” Denialism, a concept that was first widely used, as far as I know, for those who claimed that the Holocaust was a fraud, is the concept I believe we should use.”

Professor Robert Manne of La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia




“They (Exxon-Mobil) have been funding organizations that are climate change deniers.”

New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman,
(Deploying “denier” vernacular when alleging fraud by then/former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, ex CEO of Exxon-Mobil.




” It (climate change denial) reminds me in some ways of the debate taking place in this country and around the world in the late 1930s – there were people – who said ‘don’t worry! Hitler’s not real! It’ll disappear! “

2020 Presidential Candidate Bernard “Breadline” Sanders

October 13, 2017: One Month Until Heaven Relinquishes Intercession (Ongoing Refusal by the Vatican to Heed Our Lady’s ‘Simple Request’)

(Memo: Red font are hyperlinks.)

The ‘simple request’ is discussed in great detail in my first article on these subjects, entitled, The Pharisees of the Vatican.

In my second article, “100 Years of Catholic Papal Defiance : Fatima and October 13, 2017: Christian Russia and Vladimir Putin : The New Enemy of the Pharisees?”   I detailed the curious fact that the current Christian leader of Russia, President Vladimir Putin, officially inquired with the Vatican in Rome regarding the ‘simple request’ made by Our Lady of Fatima, especially Her final pleading on October 13, 1917.

We are one month away from the ‘one hundred year deadline’ warned about in that second article.

I have been asked by many the absurd question, “Why hasn’t the Pope consecrated Russia in response to Fatima?”  It is an absurd question because any concerned person recognizes that the current Pope is functioning in title only, not in Spirit. The current pope is a Freemason, and proud of it!

The spirit of the current Catholic Church, especially the tribe that has infiltrated and now occupies the Vatican, do not believe.  This tribe, the long-ago spawn of the original counterfeit spirit, are not believers in the Resurrection, and they certainly do not believe in the sanctity of the name Jesus. In truth, as is becoming confirmed by more-and-more overt and emboldened proclamations, the tribe HATES these precepts.

A cursory examination will document who and what these occupiers are: Freemasons.  The Freemasons have their spiritual roots in the vileness of the Pharisees. But not let us not mince words, since they increasingly display the same brazen overt disdain.   Their true, and deeper identity is provided by the following well-known boast:

“Masonry is a Jewish institution, whose history, degrees, charges,
passwords, and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end.”

Dr. Isaac M. Wise, The Israelite of America, August 3, 1866 edition

For those wishing more detail, I recommend the entire excellent sixteen-part documentary by Denis Wise, The Secret Jew Masonic Victory of WW2:  

Part 1 . . . Part 2 . . . Part 3 . . . Part 4 . . . Part 5 . . . Part 6 . . . Part 7 . . . Part 8 . . . Part 9 . . . Part 10 . . . Part 11 . . . Part 12 . . . Part 13 . . . Part 14 . . . Part 15 . . . Part 16.

The official date of the collapse of the Marxist-Leninist-Schiff sewer called the Soviet Union was December 26, 1991.  This occurred under Order Number 142-Н. It is said that the Politburo delayed its official announcement by one day to avoid any association with the Son of God; the one brought into the world 2000 years earlier by Our Lady of Fatima.

The communist ‘Hammer & Sickle” was indeed finally lowered from the Kremlin flag pole on Christmas day 1991.

The collapse of that Jewish regime, one that openly declared its goal of world domination under a central government, was the same goal announced by the same source, as declared by the headlines of October 6, 1940:

But the political loss, by the Jewish overlords, of the Earthly dungeon (Soviet Union) to a regime headed by a man who is an Orthodox Christian (Vladimir Putin) is completely consistent with the warnings at Fatima, and on at least two levels.

The first level involved what Our Lady of Fatima described on October 13, 1917 as “the errors of Russia.”   Our Lady was being gracious.  

But let us be precise . . . in 1917, the nation of Russia no longer existed. Specifically the Christian nation of Russia no longer existed.   It had been reduced, it had been subsumed by the so-called “Red Revolution of 1913,” absorbed into one of fifteen republics, within the Bolshevik contraption called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

But at the second level, the “errors” also embody tactics aimed at global social conquest.  A quick characterization of those “errors” comes, albeit unwittingly, from the recent film by Paul Joseph Watson.

You noted that Watson stumbled into what is referred to, in the next video, as  “arbitrary conduct in personal life.”  That is, perversion and irreverence to the point of open and socially accepted shamelessness.   But for the true identity of the source (typically avoided by Watson-types); for the true identity of the source of these “errors” we turn, once again, to their own boasting by the source itself:

In is interesting to note that Russians, under President Vladimir Putin, are no longer subjected to a media which is controlled by Jews.  The most recent discussion by Bishop Richard Williamson describes the ongoing conversion, away from the godlessness of Talmudism, and communism, and Marxism; and the soul destroying “popular culture” that these Jew institutions spawn.

My first article includes a section called ‘Personal Observations.’  Relating to the dire warnings from Our Lady at Fatima, on October 13, 1917, personal observation #1 is entitled, Germany NOT the Issue.

I was enamored by that stark never-emphasized fact.  Nowhere in the volumes of reading and interviewing that I have done regarding Fatima, is there any mentioning or referencing, by the Children or the Lady of Fatima, of any dire issues emanating FROM the Christian nation of Germany.

Most specifically, there is no dire warning at Fatima of an impending spiritual calamity originating from the rise of a German leader.   If one’s thinking is devoid of an indoctrinated bigotry, instilled by the Jew media and its spewing of Marxist “popular culture,” this lacking of a threat by Germany, and the upcoming leader of that time, makes complete sense:

Again, as mentioned above:

“The spirit of the current Catholic Church, especially the tribe that occupies the Vatican, is not Christian; those subdued by a counterfeit spirit are not believers in the Resurrection, and they certainly do not believe in the sanctity of the name Jesus.   In truth, as is being confirmed by more frequent more intense and more overt proclamations, the tribe HATES these precepts.”

An excellent review of what was truly proposed and implemented, and accomplished by Adolf Hitler, a few short decades after Our Lady appeared at Fatima, is here:

In truth, Adolf Hitler had endured, and suffered through a transformation regarding the source and earthly authors of the “errors of Russia” long before he was thrust into the Chancellery in 1933.   As you will hear, in the next video, Chancellor Hitler originally reviled and rejected the notions and proclamations of “antisemitism.”  The hard facts, especially the threats posed by what ‘Our Lady of Fatima’ referred to as the “errors of Russia,” forced the once young and naive Christian choirboy, Adolf Hitler, to revise his attitudes and actions:



When I discuss Our Lady of Fatima with so-called lay people; those that are the product if not constituents of “popular culture,” they respond, as you might expect, with utter ignorance.  Even after detailing my knowledge-of and beliefs-about Fatima, I am greeted, at best, with overtures that Fatima is merely a religious novelty; a matter that is confined to some esoteric ritualistic formalized dogma.  Fatima is anything but.

In reality, Fatima is antithetical to a soul’s selected or indoctrinated religious dogma.   Fatima, like Heaven itself, speaks to all . . . especially through the grace of a hidden but constant intercession in our Earthly daily lives.

Very few are listening . . . very few are paying heed.  But when the many intercessions by Heaven, that go unnoticed and have been unappreciated, cease to occur, a cessation due to a disregard to Our Lady’s ‘simple request,’ this lack of regard, humanity’s lack of heeding will manifest as a “gnashing of the teeth” . . . a chastisement rendered by the Father that will be unprecedented.

100 Years of Catholic Papal Defiance : Fatima and October 13, 2017

Memo: Text in red-colored font are hyperlinks.

Christian Russia and Vladimir Putin : The New Enemy of the Pharisees?

These titles focus on a village in Portugal called Fatima, back in-time, one-hundred years ago to the events of October 13, 1917.

This article highlights extremely important and very recent developments/revelations, that the so-called Western news media refuses to address:

Review of a May 2016 presentation by the esteemed Bishop Richard Williamson is below.  He discusses the events of October 13, 1917 Fatima, and relates this to an inquiry made upon the Vatican in Rome by the president of Christian Russia, Vladimir Putin :


But before we transcend above the earthy clay, lifting our hearts, minds and ears to the Divine, we must soil ourselves with that clay.   We must burden our souls with a knowledge of those that have misled others into worshiping the clay, rather than Divinity.  This burden will take us on a whirlwind tour of Washington DC, Moscow, Vatican City in Rome and, ironically, Jerusalem in so-called “Holy Land.”

For those not familiar with Fatima and the events of October 13, 1917, please see my prior article, The Pharisees of the Vatican.


The Talmudic War Drums Against Christian Russia

The most insidious, but representative portion of what the clay worshipers “contribute,” are words and deeds that they use to trick and commit average humans into the most ungodly of earthy activity: All-out War.

The loudest war drums are directed at Russia . . . not merely Russia, but Christian Russia.  This is not trivial, it is not coincidence.  Russia and its “errors” were dramatically foretold to the world by the Divine, through the children of Fatima, on October 13, 1917:


The Date of October 13, 2017 is of Urgent Concern: The Centennial of Fatima

One hundred years earlier, in the town of Fatima, Portugal, the three children pictured above were directed to warn of dire consequences for failing to heed a request made by Our Lady and Heaven itself.  That request was:

The Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Mother of Jesus

The request from Mary, as stated to the three children, specified that on a special day the consecration to Her heart should be made by the Pope, cardinals and bishops . . . but the request was very narrow and very specific.  The consecration was not to be an arm-waving generalization to the whole world. The vile excuse spewed by the Pharisees of the Vatican, a tribe dominated by Freemasonry, is the lie that the request has been fulfilled because a prior ceremony “included Russia.”

Our Lady requested a consecration directed-at and focused upon Russia ONLY; not some arm-waving, ambiguous, Vatican PR stunt about “the whole world.”


For background on Freemasonry, see discussion here.  As you view that discussion please take note of who had previously shunned and banned the filth of Freemasonry (in the post-Fatima 1930s) from their nation!

The May 2016 presentation by Bishop Williamson reviews the inquiry that President Putin attempted, and the satanic rebuff he endured at the hands of The Pharisees of the Vatican, regarding the Heavenly request made at Fatima; as Bishop Williamson calls it, “The key to modern history.”


Fatima is not the first time in world history that Heaven deployed children . . .

Fatima is not the first time in history that Heaven deployed children in an effort to retrieve souls tricked into worshiping the clay. Although modern-day worship of the clay is convoluted and veiled to the point of being unrecognizable as such, its practice, notoriously by the israelite, predates the birth of Jesus. The Book of Jeremiah, chronicles the forewarning offered by Heaven through a mere child in 538 BC (KJV):

“You say to a thing of clay, you are my Father? The Lord God says ‘I am full of anger. And I cannot hold it back. My anger and my fury shall fall upon this place. On man. On beast. On trees. On crops. Because you have disobeyed me, I will send the king of Babylon against you. I shall utterly destroy you. And this whole land will be desolation and horror. And you shall be slaves in Babylon . . .'”

Exactly as predicted, the lands surrounding Jerusalem were overrun by the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar, and the israelites were exiled to become slaves in Babylon.

Ironically, given the vile present-day warmongering against Iran, after this tribulation in Babylon, it was the Persian King Cyrus II that freed the israelites, allowing them to return to the lands around Jerusalem. (NIV reading here.)

SATAN : The Original Worshiper of the Clay

As you might expect, the original clay worshiper extraordinaire, the devil himself, is putting every effort into ensuring that the date of October 13, 2017 passes, and the Fatima request remains unfulfilled . . . this would be a major victory for Hell, and a great humiliation for the Father in Heaven.

But not being in the flesh, at least not yet, Satan must once again deploy those that are of the earthly flesh and, by default, hate the name Jesus; a hatred most deeply satisfied when, once again, the satanic “contribute” to humanity’s descent into all-out war.

“We do not talk here about Fatima!”

Time is short, and at this point, Satan and his earthy brethren have succeeded; the Vatican remains not merely disobedient but, as you heard from Bishop Williamson, openly defiant to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Some preliminary questions:

What is the specific identity of Satan’s earthly tricksters and hoaxers?

As a matter of historical record we ask:  Are they known for instigating war after war after war, and notoriously known for boasting about their benefiting from such?

Are they currently beating the drums for war?

Against Christian Russia?

And specific to Fatima, are they beating the drums for war, using excuse after excuse for such, with a focus for war against Christian Russia?

The war mongers are members of the same tribe that destroyed Mother Russia, and are now blaming Christian Russia for loss of the United States presidency by their sayan candidate:


Hillary Clinton

Not only are Clinton rants directed-at Christian Russia, but she is especially focused on its current leader, the baptized Vladimir Putin.   Before viewing the two-minute video, How Putin Celebrates Christmas, some review items:

America, which is now run by the same spirit that murdered Mother Russia during the time of Fatima, is in deep and rapid decline on all levels.

In stark contrast, Russia under Mr. Putin, continues to wean itself from the “contribution” of atheistic jews and other satanic Soviet era stench, and is in economic recovery, Russian traditions revival, and spiritual ascent.

When Mary, the Mother of Jesus, said to the children of Fatima on October 13, 1917 that Russia would spread her “errors throughout the world,”  She also meant that the Talmudic Bolsheviks, originally funded by the moneychanger Jacob Schiff, would come to America . . . they’re here!

Regarding the identity of those that are beating the drums for war against Christian Russia, are they the same stench that are beating the war drums against Christmas itself?

Have the spiritual roles of the USA and Russia been reversed?  Have the “errors” of Soviet Russia been transferred to Secular America?

With this state-of-affairs in mind, let us now review the following video:


Our Lady of Fatima, 1917-2017 – What is Significant About One Hundred Years?

In Rianjo, Spain in August 1931, Jesus told Sister Lucia, the oldest and only living child of the three at Fatima, of His dissatisfaction with the Vatican; its failure to obey the request to consecrate Russia:

“Make it known to My ministers, given that they follow the example of the King of France in delaying the execution of My requests, they will follow him into misfortune. It is never too late to have recourse to Jesus and Mary.

They did not wish to heed My request.  Like the King of France they will repent of it, and they will do it, but it will be late.  Russia will have already spread its errors in the world, provoking wars and persecutions against the Church. The Holy Father will have much to suffer.”

Like the King of France?  They will follow him into misfortune?  What was Jesus referring to?

On June 17, 1689 Jesus spoke to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque.  He commanded her to tell the Kings of France that, one of them, was to consecrate France, and only France, to His Sacred Heart. For 100 years to the day the Kings of France ignored the intersession offered by Jesus through Saint Alacoque.

Approximately 100 years later, in early 1789, the Freemasons instigated the now infamous French Revolution . . . the carnage, and an equivalent ‘desolation and horror’ lasted ten years.

But . . . on June 17, 1789, exactly 100 years later to the day, the King of France Louis XVI was dethroned and stripped of all authority.  Four years later French solders executed the King of France as if he were a common criminal.  In 1793 France sent King Louis XVI to the guillotine.  King Louis XVI and his predecessors had failed to obey Our Lord.   France, to this day, has never been consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and horrific misfortune continues to befall that country.


Sister Lucia, the older of the three children of Fatima, who had been singled out by Our Lady as surviving into old age, had zero higher education!   She was not a student of history, let alone a college graduate.  So it should be emphasized . . . in August 1931, when Sister Lucia was told “Make it known to My ministers . . . the King of France . . . they will follow him into misfortune” she had no idea of the centennial historical event that Jesus was referring to!  Nevertheless, until her death on February 13, 2005, she continued to warn of the consequences of disobeying the Heavenly request made by Mary, the Mother of Jesus. A simple request made at a small village in Fatima, Portugal . . . on October 13, 1917 . . . nearly 100 years ago:


A personal speculation . . . one that responds to the following questions . . . Upon expiration of the 100 year deadline on October 13, 2017, and assuming a papal failure to fulfill the request of Fatima (the consecration of Russia only), we must ask: What is the source of the upcoming horror, and what is the location of that horror as these relate to Fatima? Can we look to the past for a pattern?

It is written that the Heavenly Father said, “I am not the author of confusion.”

So I ask, Why would Heaven change its pattern?  In 17th century France, the source was the satanic Freemasons (a jewish organization.)  And the location was the venue that had missed its 100 year deadline: France.  The pattern: The location is where Heaven makes its request, but the earthly source of the horrors, the ones that carry out Hell’s fury, are those that souls that openly reject and denounce the name Jesus . . . the Freemasons are one example.

Let us therefore indulge in a speculation that is consistent with the history of disobedience to requests for consecration.  A history that is wrought with humanity’s abject stupidity.  A history of humanity forfeiting the Divine blessing of intercession (which has repeatedly postponed or canceled the wrath of the Father which is exacted against our rebellion and sinfulness) by the Son of the Father, Jesus, the Messiah of all.

As the centennial of Fatima approaches, October 13, 2017, the location of the venue for Fatima is obvious: the Vatican in Rome.   But is the source of the upcoming horror still the Freemasons?  Is my question just the speculation of a Jesus-zealot?  Am I just an “anti-semite”?  Or is there very recent, current day evidence that my questions and speculations have merit?

Enter, pictured here, the Talmudic knucklehead, Professor Martin Van Creveld of Hebrew University in Jerusalem, the so-called Holy Land:


Perhaps even at Rome?  So, the descendants of the jew Freemason mobsters of 17th century France, who are now in the “Holy Land,” are armed with nuclear weapons . . . and have openly declared that such are pointed at the Vatican!   The location is the Vatican, whose papacy remains in derision against Our Lady of Fatima.  Like 17th century France, the Vatican has forfeited the protection of intercession.  The source of the upcoming horror is the same as it was for 17th century France, the jews of Freemasonry.  Mere speculation?

Let me speculate again.  I am convinced that should the date of October 13, 2017 pass with Fatima unfulfilled, then the earthly path to Satan-in-the-flesh, the Anti-Christ, will be left unobstructed by the intercession of Heaven:


Additional Reading and Viewing materials:

Our Lady of Fatima-1917-2017: Why 100 Years Matters

Why Russia’s Evangelicals Thank God for Putin

Russian Orthodox Church lends weight to Putin patriotism


Above I stated “America, which is now run by the same spirit that murdered Mother Russia during the time of Fatima.”  For a review of that spirit please view the following:

He Knew them . . . and Warned.

What follows are various screenshots from the one-hour video, THE SEED OF THE SERPENT, embedded at-bottom:


Video: The Seed of the Serpent

“God’s Chosen People” shown next:


Cornell University and the Whore of Babylon

Before you click on the news headline link below, please review this excellent video by Denis Wise.

As the video proceeds we must ask: Who was the source of, what Germany’s future leader called:

“The Great Stab in the Back!” ?

As the video plays we ask, who or what was the source of the violent internal strife in Germany after they were stabbed in the back?

Who was the source of the document discussed in the video above called The Treaty of Versailles?

In the torrid wake of Versailles we ask: Who or what was the source of the so-called Weimar Republic? An allegedly “democratic” state that produced, and catered to, and RELENTLESSLY PROMOTED what came to be called “The Cesspool of Berlin”?

Who brought to Germany the “abomination and filthiness of her fornication” ?

We ask: Who taught you to hate Germany’s post-Versailles leader, the man who had immediately eradicated “The Whore of Babylon”?

– – – –

With that question in mind we present Cornell University and ITS “contribution” to the Whore of Babylon (click on the following headline):

Cornell referendum on men’s room tampons passes in landslide


After clicking on that headline . . . we must now ask . . . what is the precise identity of those inflicting this wretched vileness upon an institution once dedicated to higher learning?

And will the man in the person pictured here, the current president of Cornell University, a philosophy major, Hunter Rawlings, actually fund the installation of tampon dispensers in men’s rooms all over the beloved campus of my alma mater?


And is the installation of tampon dispensers in men’s rooms what Founder Ezra Cornell had in mind when he codified the basis of his institution:


Are those that brought to Germany the “abomination and filthiness of her fornication” still among us? Are their progeny “leading” us to the same conditions that they brought to the Weimar Republic, beginning with our college campuses? By way of example, are the installations of tampon dispensers in Cornell University men’s rooms indicative of a social order this progeny intends to enforce throughout Western societies; the result of what this progeny touts and promotes as “democracy”?


Are we going to let them do to us what they did to post WW-I Germany?


Nuclear Israel : The Balfour Declaration and the Presidential Election as Context

(MEMO: Red font in text below are hyperlinks)

To understand the gravity of what faces the world as a result a Nuclear Israel, we must look to the Balfour Declaration. We must scrutinize its originators, its history, and the personal character of its beneficiaries. With this scrutiny as context, we ask: Can these beneficiaries be trusted? And what are the FULL consequences of misapplying our trust to these Balfour Declaration beneficiaries?    Matters are far more grave then the average “American” realizes, or cares to know.


Before you move on to Discussion, take a moment to put the Balfour Declaration itself in context (Please see Note 1 at-bottom).



But further contextualization begins by listening to an ex-senator from Michigan. When asked a direct, relevant question about a region and topic to which he claims expertise, Senator Carl Levin refuses to ascend to the primary duty of his sworn oath:

Defending the United States of America against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

In the context of questioning the trustworthiness of Balfour Declaration beneficiaries, Carl Levin, a 36-year member of the United States Senate, while asserting that he is “very straight forward,” but then declaring that he is not a member of the US government?!  The complete Washington Stakeout interviews is here. In case Levin and the sayanim of Congress missed it, many informed people consider the historical and current results of the Balfour Declaration to be . . . questionable.

To glean a representative perspective of Nuclear Israel, note a typical quote by the knucklehead pictured here:


“We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force.” He went on to say “Our armed forces, however, are not the thirtieth strongest in the world, but rather the second or third. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.”

Professor Martin Van Creveld of Hebrew University in Jerusalem, said this in 2002, FOUR YEARS BEFORE the Carl Levin clown show in the video above. &nbsp(The Van Creveld interview appeared in the Dutch weekly: Elsevier, 2002, no. 17, p. 52-53, April 27th, 2002).   With this in mind we ask three questions:

(1)  Can we trust senators who declare (when it suits their masters in “israel”) that they are not members of the United States government?
(2)  Can we trust the so-called ally “israel” which has condoned and even promoted the threat verbiage of knuckleheads like Professor Van Creveld who proclaim they would “take the world down with us”;   a jewish threat that has a conscious focus against prominent spiritual centers of Western Christian Civilization?
(3)  Can we trust any person who is aware of these two questions but is so servile and so cowardly that they will not condemn these types of statements and the official US foreign policies that effectively embrace these “israeli” nuclear weapons threats?

(Please see Note 3 at-bottom and the video on political ponerology.)



Pasted below is the Israel National News article of March 25, 2015: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/193175#.VRQxUJt0yxA

This rag by Yashar & Wanderman is representative of the inbred, bigoted, agenda-driven dribble that passes for jewish MSM journalism:

US Declassifies Document Revealing Israel’s Nuclear Program

Obama revenge for Netanyahu’s Congress talk? 1987 report on Israel’s top secret nuclear program released in unprecedented move.

By Ari Yashar, Matt Wanderman First Publish: 3/25/2015, 8:00 PM


Dimona nuclear reactor circa 1960s National Security Archive/Flash 90

In a development that has largely been missed by mainstream media, the Pentagon early last month quietly declassified a Department of Defense top-secret document detailing Israel’s nuclear program, a highly covert topic that Israel has never formally announced to avoid a regional nuclear arms race, and which the US until now has respected by remaining silent.

But by publishing the declassified document from 1987, the US reportedly breached the silent agreement to keep quiet on Israel’s nuclear powers for the first time ever, detailing the nuclear program in great depth.

The timing of the revelation is highly suspect, given that it came as tensions spiraled out of control between Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and US President Barack Obama ahead of Netanyahu’s March 3 address in Congress, in which he warned against the dangers of Iran’s nuclear program and how the deal being formed on that program leaves the Islamic regime with nuclear breakout capabilities.

Another highly suspicious aspect of the document is that while the Pentagon saw fit to declassify sections on Israel’s sensitive nuclear program, it kept sections on Italy, France, West Germany and other NATO countries classified, with those sections blocked out in the document.

The 386-page report entitled “Critical Technological Assessment in Israel and NATO Nations” gives a detailed description of how Israel advanced its military technology and developed its nuclear infrastructure and research in the 1970s and 1980s.

Israel is “developing the kind of codes which will enable them to make hydrogen bombs. That is, codes which detail fission and fusion processes on a microscopic and macroscopic level,” reveals the report, stating that in the 1980s Israelis were reaching the ability to create bombs considered a thousand times more powerful than atom bombs.

The revelation marks a first in which the US published in a document a description of how Israel attained hydrogen bombs.

The report also notes research laboratories in Israel “are equivalent to our Los Alamos, Lawrence Livermore and Oak Ridge National Laboratories,” the key labs in developing America’s nuclear arsenal.

Israel’s nuclear infrastructure is “an almost exact parallel of the capability currently existing at our National Laboratories,” it adds.

“As far as nuclear technology is concerned the Israelis are roughly where the U.S. was in the fission weapon field in about 1955 to 1960,” the report reveals, noting a time frame just after America tested its first hydrogen bomb.

Institute for Defense Analysis, a federally funded agency operating under the Pentagon, penned the report back in 1987.

Aside from nuclear capabilities, the report revealed Israel at the time had “a totally integrated effort in systems development throughout the nation,” with electronic combat all in one “integrated system, not separated systems for the Army, Navy and Air Force.” It even acknowledged that in some cases, Israeli military technology “is more advanced than in the U.S.”

Declassifying the report comes at a sensitive timing as noted above, and given that the process to have it published was started three years ago, that timing is seen as having been the choice of the American government.

US journalist Grant Smith petitioned to have the report published based on the Freedom of Information Act. Initially the Pentagon took its time answering, leading Smith to sue, and a District Court judge to order the Pentagon to respond to the request.

Smith, who heads the Institute for Research: Middle East Policy, reportedly said he thinks this is the first time the US government has officially confirmed that Israel is a nuclear power, a status that Israel has long been widely known to have despite being undeclared.


In order to support a 2000-year-old agenda, Yashar & Wanderman are compelled to deploy deception, misinformation, and LIES.   Let us take a detailed look:

Item 1    The first sentence is laughable: “In a development that has largely been missed by mainstream media . . .” So, the so-called MSM which is notoriously jewish owned and jewish controlled is not forthright? Geez, who could have guessed? Was the issue of a dishonest news media identified decades ago? Were the public policy implications also specified? If so, how long ago, and by who/whom?

“They talk about press freedom, when in fact all these newspapers have one owner, and the owner is, in any case, the sponsor. This press shapes then public opinion. These political parties do not have any differences at all, like before with us. You already know the old political parties. They were all the same.”     (See https://vimeo.com/144582347)

Characteristically, the jewish owned and jewish controlled MSM has continually slandered the author of that quote as a “mad man.”    But what did that “mad man” say in 1940 about the murderous thuggery that was inflicted upon the peoples of Palestine as a direct result of the Balfour Declaration:

We ask additional questions of the jewish MSM, and its mouthpieces Yashar & Wanderman, in Note 2 – Paragraphs A thru T at-bottom.

Item 2   The Yashar & Wanderman first sentence continues:

(a) document detailing Israel’s nuclear program, a highly covert topic that Israel has never formally announced to avoid a regional nuclear arms race.”

Huh? Israel openly declares that they are LIARS, and then they ostensibly say “Trust us!”??   I do not.

So, are we supposed to grovel at the feet of those who openly declare that their ploy for avoiding a nuclear arms race is to lie to everyone on Planet Earth about their decades of . . . possessing nuclear war heads and delivery systems?!

Are we supposed to grovel at the feet of those who openly threaten the use of nuclear weapons, or are we to put them down; and hard!

In any case, any society that tolerates clowns like Yashar & Wanderman who proclaim that lies concealment and deception will avoid “a regional nuclear arms race,” while these same clowns tacitly endorse threats to use their undisclosed nuclear weapons against, is a society in need of extensive psycho-sociological assistance. For those that have an ounce of brains, it is lies that lead to war, not the truth.

Item 3   Their third paragraph is trying to convince you that the release of a TWENTY-EIGHT-YEAR-OLD document was timed by President Obama to coincide with the March 3th rant by Binyamin Netanyahu before the sayanim of Congress. Total nonsense. It is well-known that the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request was not even made by the Obama Administration. It is well-known, but falls into lies-by-omission by Yashar & Wanderman, that the FOIA request was filed THREE YEARS AGO by American reporter Grant Smith. But the crux is, the 386-page document, that has been collecting dust since 1987, is ‘old news.’ And even if it contained something incremental (to whom, I don’t know), President Obama has no control over what’s left of the Judicial portion of American government. President Obama did not release the report. The Pentagon did not release the report per se.   The release was ordered by a judge, not Obama. Yashar & Wanderman are liars.

Item 4   Their fourth paragraph confirms the depth that Tel Aviv lackey reporters will stoop in their incessant effort to deflect and deceive. Look at the list of countries that Yashar & Wanderman are whining about.   Do you see any nation in that short list that has NOT signed the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT)?!   Of course not. They have all signed BUT israel.

Similarly, as the sayanim Congress is fully aware, Iran HAS signed the NPT.   So, are we to assume that this whining is another example of the logic by which Tel Aviv proposes “to avoid a regional nuclear arms race”??  Unlike the other three nations that have not joined the NPT (South Sudan, India, and Pakistan), only israel has deceived the world during several decades. Threats and deception and thuggery connected to nuclear weapons has no excuse among civilized nations; a status that israel has effectively forfeited.

Item 5   Look at their caption below their 1960s outdated and purposely misleading photograph of Dimonia.   If you listen to Tel Aviv they would have you believe that this scene depicts a nice peaceful reactor; a little facility that nobody should be concerned about.  Rubbish!  Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have orders to shoot-to-kill all trespassers. This fact tells what you need to know about Dimonia. Apparently that long-standing reality escaped the incisive reporting of israeli propagandists Yashar and Wanderman.

Juxtapositioned with their lies about Iran, perhaps Tel Aviv would simultaneously claim that Dimonia merely provides electrical power for the Palestinians who need to recharge their cell phones?


A photo of Dimonia taken in early 2014, an illegal nuclear weapons research laboratory

Item 6    The israeli MSM Hype Alleging “Unprecedented”

If the knucklehead Professor Van Creveld of Hebrew University gets his way, a mushroom cloud will be detonated at Vatican City in Rome.

But deployment of the descriptor “unprecedented” hooks its justification to the allegation that this is the first time that a government, specifically the Unites States government, has exposed israeli lies about its possession of nuclear weapons. Indeed this is the same justification deployed by Senator Levin. The servility and lies of other sayan are documented here:

But let us shun the Congressional circus, focusing on the crux of Item 6 with several questions:

Should the people of the United States tolerate israel dictating what the our national government will be allowed to reveal?   And therefore allow them to misdirect the public debate on foreign policy, especially as such relates to our so-called “ally”?   Specifically:

i.    Does so-called israel, unlike any other Middle East nation, possess nuclear weapons, and have they, unlike any other, threatened to use such?

ii.    Have the details of Item i been affirmed previously, and therefore long-known to the sayan of the US Congress?

iii.    Has confirmation of Item i been presented previously to any one else?

iv.    If the answer to Items i, ii, and iii is ‘Yes’, then is the Yashar & Wanderman rant of “unprecedented” not merely hype, but a deadly jewish main-stream-media lie?  A lie of similar ilk that also brought about the horrors of World War Two and September 11, 2001?!



The facts regarding the lies from Nuclear Israel were exposed DECADES ago, making the Yashar & Wanderman rant of “unprecedented” a bold-faced lie, especially since their hype is approved by the israeli governmental branch in Washington.   As the sayan Hillary Rodham demonstrates, the criminal exposure of Nuclear Israel obviates BOTH aspects of the Yashar & Wanderman rant.

A descendant of the demented Cecil Rhodes world view, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is far more than a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).    Just ask current Democratic presidential candidate, and long-time CFR “outpost” employee Hillary Rodham:


Regarding exposure of the fact that our so-called “ally” has lied to the world for decades about its possession of nuclear weapons, rest-assured that Congress and Hillary are familiar with the reporting of the Karpin brothers, Michael and David:


But confirming that their “unprecedented” rant is a lie, Yashar & Wanderman are also fully aware that David Karpin uploaded this video:

As is well-known, the above video is based on “The Bomb in the Basement – How Israel Went Nuclear and What That Means for the World” (Simon & Schuster, 2006), a book by the same Michael Karpin, another israeli journalist.

For further confirmation that the Yashar & Wanderman “unprecedented” rant is a lie, see:





Referencing Item 4 above, regarding Iran and its membership in the NPT, a treaty that “our ally” israel refuses to join; Iran produced the following video:

But before someone accuses us of being politically biased, with respect to the current American presidential election circus, let us offer a related viewpoint on matters relevant to a Nuclear Israel:


And Binyamin Netanyahu? His behavior relating to these matters shown next (Note: Video is not edited, or speed-ed up . . . this is actual real-time footage):



Note 1

In his 1922 book THE JEWS, Hilaire Belloc qualifies what in-truth comprises so-called “British Blood,” the essence of what enacted the Balfour Declaration:

“With the opening of the 20th century, those of the great territorial English families in which there was no jewish blood were the exception.   In nearly all of them the strain was more or less marked, in some of them so strong that though the name was still English and the tradition that of purely English lineage of the long past, the physique and character had become wholly jewish and the members of the family were taken for jews whenever they traveled in countries where the gentry had not yet suffered or enjoyed this mixture.”


In other words, the Balfour Declaration is not English.

Given that israel has lied for decades about its arsenal of nuclear weapons, and the general history of the Balfour Declaration, what type of behavior should we expect from these (israeli) beneficiaries? That historical behavior is reviewed in the following video; The Vatican should take note:

For review of the Balfour Declaration see “Behind the Balfour Declaration – Britain’s Great War Pledge To Lord Rothschild.”

It should not surprise you that “God’s Chosen” have repeatedly threatened author and Palestine expert Alison Weir:




Note 2

a. Is this the MSM that lied to the world about the events in the Katyn Forrest in 1940?
b. Which MSM has promoted with relentless viciousness the alleged fulfillment of the rabbinical fairy tales that comprise the Shoah?
c. Is this the MSM which refuses to tell the American people the details about the incarceration of Sylvia Stolz?
d. Which MSM told us that it was “Arabs” that bombed and murdered people in the King David Hotel in 1946?
e. Is this the same MSM that declared that the murdering and maiming of hundreds of loyal American military personnel aboard the USS Liberty was an “accident”?
f. Which MSM has NEVER reported on the events of Deir Yassin?
g. Was it the MSM which never reported on the use of ‘white phosphorous’ weaponry against Palestinian civilians in 2008 and 2009?
h. Is this the MSM that never reported on the perspective and plight of Palestinian children that have been murdered or maimed in Gaza?
i. Was it this MSM that somehow missed the the murder of Rachel Corrie in 2003?
j. Are they complaining about the same MSM that never told the truth about the murdering of Thomas Hurndall? (Warning: That link is graphic.)
k. Which MSM told the so-called Allies that Saddam Hussein had ‘weapons of mass destruction’?
l. Is the same MSM which never told us of the cheering and celebrating antics of what has been come to be known as ‘The Dancing Israelis’?

m. Is this the MSM that forgot to tell the world that the same five maggots (discussed in the video above) later sued America for a “breach of civil rights,” but lost?
n. Which MSM never told the American people about the symmetrical free-fall collapse of World Trade Center Building Seven?
o. Which MSM never told the American people that Osama bin Laden was never indicted for ANY aspect of September 11, 2001?
p. Was this the same MSM that failed to report on the GRUESOME details of how 19-year-old Furkan Dogan was murdered in 2010 at the hands of “America’s staunchest ally”?
q. Is the MSM that Yashar & Wanderman are mumbling about, the same one that refuses to detail the level of treason and espionage that is INTRINSIC to a vile, theologically premised hate group called AIPAC?
r. Is this the same MSM that coddles as prime time news anchors the likes of adulterous, fornicating sayanim like Fox News Bill O’Reilly, who openly lies about the events at the 1939 Olympics, slandering the good German people and Gold Medalist Jesse Owens?
s. Is this the same MSM that coddles prime time news anchors such as Fox News Bill O’Reilly who, like Hillary Rodham, promotes that lie that current Russian President Vladimir Putin and former German Chancellor Adolf Hitler are/were motivated by similar goals: Hegemony.   (In case the MSM missed it, Putin and Hitler have/had a common enemy: The Bolshevik/Talmudic jews that murdered the Christian Czar and his entire family in cold blood):

After the murder of the czar, the Bolsheviks then created the most grotesque “experiment” in human social history; the officially atheistic Soviet Union.
t. When the lackeys refer to what the MSM “missed” are they also referring to the glaring fact that it promotes a so-called president that denies the race of his own mother, while basking in the lie that he is “America’s first black president”?


Note 3

The ongoing terrorism and the political ponerologists behind it:

Note 4

The true attitude of “God’s Chosen” toward a man called Jesus, thee central figure in Western Christian Civilization:

Note 5

In this 2016 presidential election year circus, Republican candidate Ted Cruz has made an issue of what he claims are “New York values.”

Sen. Ted Cruz gives a speech in support of Israeli military against Palestine at a pro-Israel rally July 17, 2014 in Washington, D.C. (M. Scott Mahaskey/POLITICO)

Sen. Ted Cruz gives a speech in support of Israeli military against Palestine at a pro-Israel rally July 17, 2014 in Washington, D.C. (M. Scott Mahaskey/POLITICO)

Being a person born and raised in New York, I find the most cowardly aspect of that Cruz outburst to be his sayanim diversion from the true source of his alleged consternation; doing so while holding a Bible in his hand (?!). The following video is just one example of the true source . . . but when was the last time you heard Ted Cruz or ANY of the presidential candidates; let-alone a major leader of the so-called jewish community, denounced the following (typical) behavior as a “hate crime”?

Note 6

Regarding the 2016 presidential election circus and the sponsored MSM reporting of it:

“They talk about press freedom, when in fact all these newspapers have one owner, and the owner is, in any case, the sponsor. This press shapes then public opinion. These political parties do not have any differences at all, like before with us. You already know the old political parties. They were all the same.”
Adolf Hitler 1933

Note 7

So where are we since a jew banker and a store-bought Brit lackey issued the infamous “Balfour Declaration” in behave of the self-proclaimed “God’s Chosen”?

In this first video (not recommended for the faint-of-heart) we see a jew execute an ALLEGEDLY disarmed Palestinian. We say ‘allegedly’ because, implicitly, we cannot trust anything that comes from the lips and minds of political ponerologists. Doubt that connection? In this next video, not only is the Palestinian unarmed, HE’S UNCONSCIOUS AND PROSTRATE ON THE GROUND. The execution takes place at approximately 1:52 . . . the jew soldier with the baseball-styled cap loads the chamber, and fires. Keep your eyes focused on the front fender of the van in the foreground; looking past it to the head of the Palestinian lying unconscious on the ground:

So . . . what was the reaction from the mainstream jew in so-called “israel.” Was it outrage at the blatant murder? Was it a call for due process? Was it a call for justice from “God’s Chosen People”? Watch the next video for an answer to these questions, and the overarching question regarding the Balfour Declaration:

With this video as viral, have ANY of the so-called presidential candidates called on the so-called president for an investigation? Why would they . . . the same “God’s Chosen” that funded the Balfour Declaration are funding the 2016 campaigns . . .

Israel versus OUR First Amendment

A few months ago the headlines read:

Israel meets with Google and YouTube to discuss censoring Palestinian videos

The opening paragraph of one such report, available here, read as follows:

“Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely has met with representatives of YouTube and Google to discuss ways to cooperate in what she calls the fight against ‘inciting violence and terrorism.'”

Head of the Likud party and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seen couching Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely at Likud meeting, December 21, 2015.

* * * *

Some of the videos that Mr. Netanyahu and Ms. Hotovely want censored are shown here:

* * * *

* * * *

* * * *

To the best of our knowledge the following, by twitter.com/Israel, was not proposed for censorship by the Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister:

* * * *