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Banned by the Bolshevik Skank of YouTube – Susan Wojcicki – Part 6


Memo A: Items in red font and pictures/images are hyperlinks.
Memo B: Embedded videos can be adjusted for volume, and click HD resolution.

The video embedded at-bottom entitled, “The Seed of the Serpent,” continues to be confirmed as valid and applicable to the skank pictured here:

When you click on the following link: https://youtu.be/1ghs2xulN50 you get the following result from the YouTube skank Susan Wojcicki:

As you already know, the above video that is being censored by the jew media is NOT in violation of any “Terms of Service,” YouTube or otherwise.  

In fact, we are far beyond that farce.  It is now confirmed that if the media bans a video or a post or a discussion of any kind; that confirms that the content IS THE EXACT OPPOSITE: Truthful, factual, relevant, and possibly crucial to your well-being.

As you watch the following video, ask yourself: What possible “term of service” is being violated by this content?!   Note that I contextualize the BEGINNING of an answer to that question below the video:

Mask Facts : The Science and History of Masks in Medicine

What possible “term of service” is being violated by this ‘Mask in Medicine’ content?!

The context for an answer to that question is two-fold.

Relative to the YouTube skank Susan Wojcicki, context involves an underbelly . . . a underbelly that they don’t want you to know about.  Implicitly therefore, it involves fraud. That fraud comes in the form of a phony named Dr. Jonas Salk. The next video, obviously ALSO banned by the YouTube skank will introduce you to the first part of the context:

The second part of context involves the Jew World Order (JWO) as a manifestation of  ‘The Seed of the Serpent.’  In our current times that JWO demands a global pandemic as the precursor to a globally mandated vaccination program; a program the goyim scum Bill Gates has been pushing for decades:

In the following video, from banned.video, a platform that has been banned by the skank ENTIRELY, banned.video host Owen Shroyer unloads on the “mask mandate” and the global vaccine tyranny:








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