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Banned by the Bolshevik Skank of YouTube – Susan Wojcicki – Part 5


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For those victimized by the JWO skanks of YouTube, this essay underscores an astounding. theological precept . . . Evil tends to consume its own!

That “sustainable energy” is a farce has now been confirmed: YouTube was compelled to ban a truthful albeit Far-Left environmental documentary: A new low, even for YouTube!

Susan Wojcicki, the Bolshevik turd that runs YouTube, whose very soul takes us back to the anti-Jesus “quarantine” of Golgotha, declares that her recent decision to remove a video documentary on “sustainable energy,” was based upon the following claim:

CLAIM: Buried in a one-hour video, she found “4 seconds” of material that, quote, “may be in violation of copyright protection.”

“4 seconds” ?!   “may be in violation” ?!   But it only gets worse, much worse.


The Primary Theme That Determines YouTube Censorship

A dominant theme among YouTube skanks is the censorship of anything that interferes with or jeopardizes, in the slightest, their ongoing attempts to institute the JWO.  That theme drives censorship of any video that contradicts the JWO narrative, especially any reference to the messianic stature of Jesus.

The censorship that Wojcicki concentrates on is material considered to be “conservative.”   We have not endured censorship of videos that promote Bolshevism or Marxism or sexual depravity; or hatred of a specific belief !  Indeed, in the opposite sense, and in blatant violation of what Wojcicki claims are “Community Guidelines,” videos that ADVOCATE THE MURDERING OF JESUS ARE NOT CENSORED by the jew Susan Wojcicki:



But now . . . A New Low . . . Even for YouTube!

The last thing anyone expected was that videos of the Far-Left would also be victimized, but that is what occurred, a new low . . . even for YouTube:

Yes . . . Over 8 million hits!   YouTube is so desperate to enforce their “sustainable energy” farce, that they even censored the long-time well-known Far-Left mainstay Michael Moore!

In Australia, the land where the kikes have banned nuclear power   and promoted their vested-interest notions of “sustainable energy,” news of the YouTube censorship against the Michael Moore documentary was deeply meaningful:


The War of Exploitation Against
Our Children:
The Farce of “sustainable energy”

Throughout human history, when the virtues of service-to-the-public are nil, but rather the agendas of the societal power brokers are in ‘desperation mode,’ it is the children that are the broker’s last best hope.  Invariably, the war for-and-against our children exploits and results in psychological trauma.  In the case of so-called “climate change,” none is more exemplar than Sweden’s Greta Thunberg:

It is impossible to deny that this 16-year-old is in deep trauma, a mental state that is NOT self-inflicted.  But contrary to the offering of care, today’s societal power brokers laud and praise her psychosis; the self-absorbed whack-job Prince Charles is just one example:


Public Service versus Power Brokerage: The Latter’s Threats of Imprisonment Against a Child !

In stark contrast, we have the “care” that is offered to children who are not at-all traumatized and, perhaps by-definition, are therefore not serving the illicit; the demonstrably sinister agendas of today’s societal power brokers . . . meet Germany’s Naomi Seibt.

Unlike Greta, Naomi is not traumatized by the utterly false but highly promoted notion that carbon dioxide, especially from human activity, drives global climate.  She instead seeks and presents credible, reasoned discussion.

In the next video we witness how Naomi’s approach is received by those that claim to be adults . . . she has been threatened with imprisonment!!


Ein kind nicht klimafreundlich?     Sie ist eine Kriminelle !!

We re-emphasize, the young German lady, Naomi Seibt, has been formally threatened with imprisonment by the “German” government if she does not refrain from questioning the vested-interest fairy tale that “carbon dioxide = global warming.”  Next, we observe the “trauma” she causes is the result of her being reasoned and truthful . . . exactly the opposite of what is demanded by YouTube skanks such as Susan Wojcicki:



Conclusion  :  Evil Tends to Consume Its Own!


After 8 million hits…YouTube, So Desperate to Enforce Their “Sustainable Energy” Farce, Even Censored the Long-time Well-known Far-Left Mainstay Michael Moore (embedded here)!



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