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Banned by the Bolshevik Skank of YouTube – Susan Wojcicki – Part 3


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Susan Wojcicki, the Bolshevik skank that runs YouTube, whose very soul takes us back to the “quarantine” and “social distancing” of Golgotha, declares that her decisions to remove informational materials, especially videos that detail FACTS on subjects ranging from Jesus to Mary to the current NWO fraud of COVID-19; that her censorship is based upon the lie that such videos violates her “Community Guidelines.”  In Part 3, I call-out the kike (pictured) and her notions of “hate speech,”  as such relates to her hatred of the non-kike, especially those Germans who are Believers (See demand near-bottom).

Screenshots in the next section result from what this kike asserts is “Hate Speech.”   This Bolshevik proclaimed that lie against a video entitled:


The original video is embedded below.   After reviewing the screenshots in the next section, I encourage you to watch the video in the context of  (1) versus (2):

(1)   In the Third Reich, the first governing body to grant a national level edict embracing pregnancy / maternity leave for all women, its women and girls were encouraged to be Full of Jesus, chaste, honorable, respectful, intelligent, loyal, of honest and moral character, humble and peaceful (as should we all).

Censored by YouTube, the video depicts German women and girls as they contribute-to and celebrate the rehabilitation of their nation; a nation racked by the Versailles Treaty, which followed what Adolf Hitler called  “The great stab in the back!”
(2)  Versus today . . . in the kike controlled stench called the “West.”  In the West we are encouraged to abandon Jesus, we have re-institutionalized the purposefully destructive vileness of the Weimar Republic; “free sex,” fornication of all repulsive variants, we promote infidelity including adultery in our TV and Hollywood movies, we are told that the one-man-one-women/husband-wife household is repressive and sexist, that abortion is solely a “woman’s right to chose,”  that femininity should be used first-and-foremost as a basis of carnal and materialistic power (for its own sake), rather than revered as a gift of Divine Grace that complements, fulfills and cherishes true masculinity.   Such ongoing denigration is the “contribution” of the kike (See Memo at-bottom).

Enshrined by the Satanic Rite of Censorship

As you watch the video embedded below, ponder what the image of Susan Wojcicki represents . . . a skank whose primary earthly station is maintained, indeed enshrined by the satanic rite of censorship, the hiding of the truth.  Note in the third and fourth screenshots I demand that she offer just one example  (red arrows added):

You cannot imagine the anger I endured upon receiving the above “hate speech” notices, lodged against not merely my Aguilar YouTube account, but in-essence against me.  The kike that sent these made things more than personal . . . as detailed in Part 1 and in Part 2, she is the same kike whose censorship threatens our physical health.  For how much longer will the goy, especially the cowards that fancy themselves as “Christians,” tolerate this vile talmudic, satanic assault?

Dedicated to the Little Lady @1:29

This entire film is touching, but most moving is the scene that begins @1:16.   Adolf Hitler is greeting his people; the little lady appears @1:29 . . . overwhelmed with emotion and insight.

We should be humbled to have made her acquaintance . . . rather than being censored from it!   Watch carefully as she continues to reach for him . . . during his second gentle pat on her cheek . . . as he too understood, but had to attend to duty.

In stark contrast, keep in-mind the vile image of YouTube’s Susan Wojcicki . . . it is her image, and those from the dirty jew-controlled Weimar Republic that are the images of hate.
Versus the love and devotion and sweetness of  The Little Lady @1:29,  and the deference offered to her by Adolf Hitler . . . two souls united by the Holy Spirit.



I am demanding that Susan Wojcicki provide JUST ONE EXAMPLE of “hate speech” that she claims is contained in the video:



The opening paragraph discusses the capital crime at Golgotha.  Later I used the Yiddish word ‘kike.’  Susan Wojcicki and her tribe of Jesus Deniers will protest.  As usual they rely heavily upon the ignorance, stupidity and laziness of, what they call, the goy.  In my opinion and experience, in far too many cases, those descriptors are not without merit.

But let us make the connection between the words Golgotha and kike . . . better yet, let the Mossad controlled Wikipedia do it for us.  A screenshot of their definition page for kike:

In the early 20th century when jews were fleeing from Eastern Europe, including Russia, most nations refused their immigration . . . with the noteworthy exception of the United States of America.  But in case the reader forgot, the Founders and the Founding Precepts of the USA were Christian (not jews, and not “judeo-christian,” not talmudic, not atheist, etc.) Please review that Wikipedia screenshot.

That is, the nation that offered the jew, the nation that the jew knew was founded by believers in Jesus as Messiah; rather than offering unqualified gratitude to this Christian nation, the kikes chose instead to openly insult our land and formally announce their hatred of Jesus, and in-essence affirm their guilt for the crime at Golgotha.

Therefore the word ‘kike’ is not derogatory . . . it is not only fully descriptive, IT IS THEIR WORD!

Perhaps fittingly, the strict meaning of the Yiddish word kike is “zero.”

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