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October 13, 2017: One Month Until Heaven Relinquishes Intercession (Ongoing Refusal by the Vatican to Heed Our Lady’s ‘Simple Request’)

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The ‘simple request’ is discussed in great detail in my first article on these subjects, entitled, The Pharisees of the Vatican.

In my second article, “100 Years of Catholic Papal Defiance : Fatima and October 13, 2017: Christian Russia and Vladimir Putin : The New Enemy of the Pharisees?”   I detailed the curious fact that the current Christian leader of Russia, President Vladimir Putin, officially inquired with the Vatican in Rome regarding the ‘simple request’ made by Our Lady of Fatima, especially Her final pleading on October 13, 1917.

We are one month away from the ‘one hundred year deadline’ warned about in that second article.

I have been asked by many the absurd question, “Why hasn’t the Pope consecrated Russia in response to Fatima?”  It is an absurd question because any concerned person recognizes that the current Pope is functioning in title only, not in Spirit. The current pope is a Freemason, and proud of it!

The spirit of the current Catholic Church, especially the tribe that has infiltrated and now occupies the Vatican, do not believe.  This tribe, the long-ago spawn of the original counterfeit spirit, are not believers in the Resurrection, and they certainly do not believe in the sanctity of the name Jesus. In truth, as is becoming confirmed by more-and-more overt and emboldened proclamations, the tribe HATES these precepts.

A cursory examination will document who and what these occupiers are: Freemasons.  The Freemasons have their spiritual roots in the vileness of the Pharisees. But not let us not mince words, since they increasingly display the same brazen overt disdain.   Their true, and deeper identity is provided by the following well-known boast:

“Masonry is a Jewish institution, whose history, degrees, charges,
passwords, and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end.”

Dr. Isaac M. Wise, The Israelite of America, August 3, 1866 edition

For those wishing more detail, I recommend the entire excellent sixteen-part documentary by Denis Wise, The Secret Jew Masonic Victory of WW2:  

Part 1 . . . Part 2 . . . Part 3 . . . Part 4 . . . Part 5 . . . Part 6 . . . Part 7 . . . Part 8 . . . Part 9 . . . Part 10 . . . Part 11 . . . Part 12 . . . Part 13 . . . Part 14 . . . Part 15 . . . Part 16.

The official date of the collapse of the Marxist-Leninist-Schiff sewer called the Soviet Union was December 26, 1991.  This occurred under Order Number 142-Н. It is said that the Politburo delayed its official announcement by one day to avoid any association with the Son of God; the one brought into the world 2000 years earlier by Our Lady of Fatima.

The communist ‘Hammer & Sickle” was indeed finally lowered from the Kremlin flag pole on Christmas day 1991.

The collapse of that Jewish regime, one that openly declared its goal of world domination under a central government, was the same goal announced by the same source, as declared by the headlines of October 6, 1940:

But the political loss, by the Jewish overlords, of the Earthly dungeon (Soviet Union) to a regime headed by a man who is an Orthodox Christian (Vladimir Putin) is completely consistent with the warnings at Fatima, and on at least two levels.

The first level involved what Our Lady of Fatima described on October 13, 1917 as “the errors of Russia.”   Our Lady was being gracious.  

But let us be precise . . . in 1917, the nation of Russia no longer existed. Specifically the Christian nation of Russia no longer existed.   It had been reduced, it had been subsumed by the so-called “Red Revolution of 1913,” absorbed into one of fifteen republics, within the Bolshevik contraption called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

But at the second level, the “errors” also embody tactics aimed at global social conquest.  A quick characterization of those “errors” comes, albeit unwittingly, from the recent film by Paul Joseph Watson.

You noted that Watson stumbled into what is referred to, in the next video, as  “arbitrary conduct in personal life.”  That is, perversion and irreverence to the point of open and socially accepted shamelessness.   But for the true identity of the source (typically avoided by Watson-types); for the true identity of the source of these “errors” we turn, once again, to their own boasting by the source itself:

In is interesting to note that Russians, under President Vladimir Putin, are no longer subjected to a media which is controlled by Jews.  The most recent discussion by Bishop Richard Williamson describes the ongoing conversion, away from the godlessness of Talmudism, and communism, and Marxism; and the soul destroying “popular culture” that these Jew institutions spawn.

My first article includes a section called ‘Personal Observations.’  Relating to the dire warnings from Our Lady at Fatima, on October 13, 1917, personal observation #1 is entitled, Germany NOT the Issue.

I was enamored by that stark never-emphasized fact.  Nowhere in the volumes of reading and interviewing that I have done regarding Fatima, is there any mentioning or referencing, by the Children or the Lady of Fatima, of any dire issues emanating FROM the Christian nation of Germany.

Most specifically, there is no dire warning at Fatima of an impending spiritual calamity originating from the rise of a German leader.   If one’s thinking is devoid of an indoctrinated bigotry, instilled by the Jew media and its spewing of Marxist “popular culture,” this lacking of a threat by Germany, and the upcoming leader of that time, makes complete sense:

Again, as mentioned above:

“The spirit of the current Catholic Church, especially the tribe that occupies the Vatican, is not Christian; those subdued by a counterfeit spirit are not believers in the Resurrection, and they certainly do not believe in the sanctity of the name Jesus.   In truth, as is being confirmed by more frequent more intense and more overt proclamations, the tribe HATES these precepts.”

An excellent review of what was truly proposed and implemented, and accomplished by Adolf Hitler, a few short decades after Our Lady appeared at Fatima, is here:

In truth, Adolf Hitler had endured, and suffered through a transformation regarding the source and earthly authors of the “errors of Russia” long before he was thrust into the Chancellery in 1933.   As you will hear, in the next video, Chancellor Hitler originally reviled and rejected the notions and proclamations of “antisemitism.”  The hard facts, especially the threats posed by what ‘Our Lady of Fatima’ referred to as the “errors of Russia,” forced the once young and naive Christian choirboy, Adolf Hitler, to revise his attitudes and actions:



When I discuss Our Lady of Fatima with so-called lay people; those that are the product if not constituents of “popular culture,” they respond, as you might expect, with utter ignorance.  Even after detailing my knowledge-of and beliefs-about Fatima, I am greeted, at best, with overtures that Fatima is merely a religious novelty; a matter that is confined to some esoteric ritualistic formalized dogma.  Fatima is anything but.

In reality, Fatima is antithetical to a soul’s selected or indoctrinated religious dogma.   Fatima, like Heaven itself, speaks to all . . . especially through the grace of a hidden but constant intercession in our Earthly daily lives.

Very few are listening . . . very few are paying heed.  But when the many intercessions by Heaven, that go unnoticed and have been unappreciated, cease to occur, a cessation due to a disregard to Our Lady’s ‘simple request,’ this lack of regard, humanity’s lack of heeding will manifest as a “gnashing of the teeth” . . . a chastisement rendered by the Father that will be unprecedented.

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  1. Mr Darcy says:

    Fascinating. And very informative. Keep these reports coming. We are in a dangerous time.

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