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The most precious possession . . .

As the West, along with its claim to a Christian heritage, crumbles into oblivion, one asks if there were warnings about an infiltration that would seek to destroy first-n-foremost that Christian heritage. Were there any fairly recent warnings that a godless, and perhaps Satanic horde would subvert and pervert every single aspect of our lives. Or perhaps if there are at-present similar but last-gasp warnings.

What you are about to view will confirm that human history, if nothing else, amounts to a pile of assorted facts punctuated by deep and obvious irony. Yesterday, Thanksgiving, was intended as a day to offer our Creator thanks for the good land that is America, and the good fortune that the Creator had and continues to provide.

But today, this so-called Black Friday of November 27, 2015 we are having plastered in our faces so-called news reports of and by the horde. A horde whose “contribution” is centered upon a relentless self-absorbed proclamation of superiority over ALL others. As we will see, in order to maintain that insidious, and deeply Satanic myth, the horde is in-fact the source of social operatives that lead to “news” that justifies their claim to superiority. These operatives range from the plundering and exploitation of our financial system at the macro-social level, to the agitations of bigotry-based racial violence at the micro-social level.

A Thanksgiving Day dedicated to a God that had offered us His son is the LAST concept this horde wants us to celebrate. We conclude this essay with an example of who the horde is. We will see that the horde not only HATES the Son of the Creator but openly celebrates His murder at Golgotha.

* * * * * *

To answer the questions above regarding the warnings, let us contextualize the macro-social plundering. A 1939 quote from the “Most Influential Man of the Twentieth Century.’

“The most precious possession you have in the world is your own people.
And for this people, and for the sake of this people, we will struggle and fight!
And never slacken!
And never tire!
And never lose courage!
And never despair! ”

This quote occurs at 5:00 of the following video, entitled “Ja Oder Nein?!” (The complete transcript of this video is in the Notes section at-bottom.)

* * * * * *

* * * * * *

Western peoples, in their promoted and “educated” state of deep ignorance, still parrot the lie that Adolf Hitler was a bigot, most especially against the peoples of African heritage. Intrinsic to so-called “education” in the West, this lie is central to a long-term Talmudic scheme to, not merely divide, but to antagonize peoples against each other; in this instance on the basis of race victimization:


* * * * * *

* * * * * *

What follows is the excellent twelfth video from the Denis Wise series, “New World Order – Communism Through the Backdoor.”

But first . . . as a heads-up . . . at 7:35 you will note the flag of terrorists . . . not from 1985 when the Anti-Apartheid Act was approved in the nation of South Africa . . . but from a psychotic mob in the anarchist streets of Chicago, Illinois, USA on November 27, 2015 . . .


This mob of black bigots was declaring their intended genocide against anyone with white skin.

* * * * * *

* * * * * *

In recent times, these types of social operatives are a consequence of what was coined as the New World Order. But to what was the NWO assigned? The October 6, 1940 headline explains . . . it is the same horde that continues to plunder and antagonize and divide the peoples of the West, most especially its Christian peoples.


* * * * * *

And Scattered Their Coins

As promised, we conclude this essay with WHAT the horde is. We will see that the horde not only HATES the Son of the Creator but openly celebrates His murder at Golgotha.

First we see that, in our current epoch of over 2000 years, anyone that attempts to undo the Satanic plundering at the macro-social level will be crucified / executed:

Note in the following video that the micro-social operative of agitating peoples against each other (through bigotry-based racial violence, White versus Black), is exposed, slips off her tongue, even in their alleged context of “comedy.”

* * * * * *

* * * * * *

* * * * * *


Note 1 : Transcript of Ja Oder Nein?! video:

“Ja odër nein!?”

“ Yes, Germany was, back then, a democracy, before us (The Third Reich), and we have been plundered and squeezed dry.

No . . . what does a democracy or authoritarian state mean for those international hyenas? They do not care at all! They are only interested in one thing . . . Are you willing to be plundered? Ja odër nein!?

Are you stupid enough to keep quiet in the process? Ja odër nein!?

And, when a democracy is stupid enough (i.e. dumbed-down enough) not to stand up, then that is good! But when an authoritarian state (like the Third Reich) declares ‘You do not plunder our volk (people) any longer, neither from the inside or the outside,’ then that is bad.

In reality, money rules in these countries (“democracies”).

They talk about press freedom, when in fact all these newspapers have one owner, and the owner is, in any case, the sponsor. This press shapes then public opinion. These political parties do not have any differences at all, like before with us (in post World War One Germany). You already know the old political parties. They were all the same.

Then these people must think that especially in these countries (“democracies”) of freedom and wealth; it should exist, a very comfortable life for its people. But the opposite is the case . . .”

In these countries, in so-called ‘democracies,’ its people is by no means the main focus of attention.

What really matters is this group of ‘democracy makers.’ That is, the existence of a few hundred giant capitalists who own all the factories and shares, and who ultimately lead the people. They (the capitalists) are not interested at all in the great mass of people. They are the only ones who can be addressed as international elements because they conduct their business everywhere. It is a small rootless international clique that is turning the people against each other, (a clique) that does not want them to have peace.

They can suppress us! They can kill us, if you like! But we will not capitulate!

For the sake of the German Volk (people); Hail Victory! Hail Victory! Hail Victory!

These jews used to laugh about it, they thought it was a joke. They are not laughing anymore. Today they realize the gravity of the situation. It was a struggle especially against the people who seemed to have omnipotent power in our nation (Germany). The struggle against the jews; a Satanic power that had taken over our whole country, who had been able to grip key positions of our intellectual and spiritual life. But also of the political and economic life. And from these key positions they were able to control and monitor the whole nation. This (jew) power had, at the same time the influence to persecute even with the law those who fought against this power, and who were willing to oppose (and offer) resistance to the advance of it (jew power).

The almighty jewry declared, thus, war on us . . .

And what have we (Germans) achieved in these (post Weimar Republic) years! Until 1939 (prior to the need to stop the murdering of Germans in lands that had been given to and occupied as “Poland” after the jew banker lies of the Versailles Treaty).

The envy in the same way . . . the same men who back then got Germany into World War One. The ‘Mr. Churchill’ started immediately to agitate. The ‘Mr. Eden.’ And then of course the jews, with Hore Belisha at the forefront . . . the smear campaign began, year after year . . .

They said, ‘Yes, he (Adolf Hitler) is arming himself.’ Yes, I have always done that. They also asked me, “Why do you have then the SA if you want peace? Why did you create the SS, when, however, the only thing you want is fraternity?” Because there are people who do not want it! And I wanted to show them that I was prepared too for the other case.

* The most precious possession you have in the world is your own people.
And for this people, and for the sake of this people, we will struggle and fight!
And never slacken!
And never tire!
And never lose courage!
And never despair!”

Adolf Hitler

* @ 5:00 of https://vimeo.com/290957870


  1. Alexander says:

    Adolf Hitler, the greatest leader ever lived. With a humble past as a wounded, twice decorated veteran of the Great War, who survived on paintings. His political manifesto, Mein Kampf, highlighted his unfathomable love for Germany, the German people and Europe as a whole. With the love for his Vaterland, he went on to free nations by nations from the Jewish grips of death, grips of moral decay and nation-destruction. He gave his life for his people, for his nation. He was a man given to us by God, a man who saw the natural barriers between species and sought to preserve that barrier by introducing National Socialism. He sent the International Jewry into massive panic and had them on their knees, deported for their rodent methods of business activities. Hitler and his Volk, defended the very last remnants of Western civilisation, defended Europa, defended the soil where his ancestor spilled blood that dyed the rivers, defended them until his last breath. He was the greatest man ever lived, a shining example of an iron will to persist, to not surrender, to not slacken, to never tire in the face of the entire planet. He fought for the West. He fought for mankind as a whole. And we fell for the Jewish lies.

    Gone but not forgotten.

  2. dgaubatz313 says:

    Putin is controlled opposition, he is not genuine. He defends the Jews, engages in their monetary policies and made holocaust denial illegal in 2014. Putin is no hero, it’s over.

  3. Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you writing this post and the rest of the website is
    also very good.

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    einen tollen Post!

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