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The Stench of Hollywoodism

It has been said that “most of the rest of the world forms it’s opinions of America on the basis of its media, its books, its news programs, and most especially its movies.” Second only to the murderous escapades of the post Federal Reserve Act American Empire, this quote is probably true.

Therefore it should not surprise anyone that Germany has prodigy that composes a song about “Amerika” which includes the lyrics:

“This is not a love song!”

* * * *

Since so-called Americans like movies so much, the following films are offered for their “entertainment.”

    The Stench of Hollywoodism: Ideology That Devoured Western Values

    INTERMISSION : Application of the Long-Term View – A “Documentary” by the Hollywoodists of GLAAD

    The New World Order: Communism by the Back Door – Part 8

    Babylon Before Adolf Hitler

    Rammstein: Amerika

As you view this first documentary you may find it utterly impossible to tolerate the overtures of sexual promiscuity, depravity & perversion; and the blatant bigotry . . . and then decide to discontinue viewing. My advice is to endure this to the end:

At 6:25 of the above video the “six million” canard is promoted; an overwhelming favorite of Hollywoodism, this relentless fairy tale of post World War Two is qualified by Note 1 at-bottom.

Above I mention their promotion of ‘sexual promiscuity, depravity & perversion’ which is qualified further by Note 2 at-bottom.

* * * *

INTERMISSION : Application of the Long-Term View – A “Documentary” by the Hollywoodists of GLAAD

It would be a fundamental mistake to fail to see that Hollywoodism, in all its grotesqueness, is part of a long-term plan, a long-term ploy. You cannot, when analyzing various related developments, think merely at the tactical level; you must include the strategic view.

In this context the vileness of the following “documentary,” by a group called GLAAD, can be recognized as far more than skin deep. The long-term ploy includes insertion, into movie scripts, the blatant lie that any who know that ‘sexual promiscuity, depravity & perversion’ are offensive to common sense (let alone various theologies) are ugly, vindictive, and of course violent. Note that this blatant movie script lie is frequently inserted into themes that are otherwise completely unrelated to the overt theme. In other words, in movie themes that have nothing to do with (in the words of GLAAD) “advancing acceptance” we find insertions of over-the-top violence. We have also endured Hollywood depiction of any opposed to ‘sexual promiscuity, depravity & perversion’ as uninformed and backward. The victims of this broad-sweep but fraudulent depiction are then further victimized as being the source of those that “walk out of theaters feeling scared, humiliated or rejected” (See @2:15 in film below)

But you must concentrate on these developments in the context of Hollywoodism, and its real purpose and long-term plan: The devouring of western, especially Christian European virtues and values. This GLAAD offensive is unabashed in its proximity to Hollywoodism. At their website you find the following screenshot:


With this in mind, let us view the grotesque “documentary” by GLAAD entitled ‘Hollywood Must Do Better,’ with an emphasis on what is not depicted:

    You will not find a realistic depiction of those individuals that oppose ‘sexual promiscuity, depravity & perversion’ as being the very same individuals that also oppose, with equal vigor, violence.

    You will not find depiction of those opposed to ‘sexual promiscuity, depravity & perversion’ on the basis of their sense of humanity (In the alternative, can you say “Gaza“?)

    But, as you are repulsed by the following GLAAD film please keep in mind that insertion of unrepresentative portrayals is not a prior development of happenstance or the result of a prior Hollywood mindset that GLAAD can now conveniently use for its sake-of-argument; it is part of a covert long-term ploy implicit to Hollywoodism, a ploy that plants the strategic seed of misrepresentation for later tactical use:

GLAAD wants you to believe that Hollywood is guilty of portraying the lives and fate of LGBT constituents as being subjected to continuous “inequality,” including ultra-violence. This is the same Hollywood that is infamous because it routinely portrays ‘sexual promiscuity, depravity & perversion’ as normal and acceptable. But the GLAAD ploy goes beyond merely lying-by-omission. The long-term strategic/tactical interplay and double talk is a conscious and purposeful manifestation of Hollywoodism. It is no surprise that GLAAD would emphasize their wares by marketing a title that seeks to focus your attention with a meaning that diverts from Hollywood’s infamous ‘sexual promiscuity, depravity & perversion’ routine.

The very fact that GLAAD and many others openly endorse the notion that Hollywood promotes ANYTHING, rather than merely fulfilling its touted moniker of being the capitol of “the entertainment industry”(?!), confirms that Hollywoodism is conscious and purposeful. Therefore, GLAAD’s title ‘Hollywood Must Do Better’ amounts to classic, albeit adolescent misdirection.

* * * *

Next is the excellent documentary by Denis Wise of The Greatest Story NEVER Told.

Please note that, as if on-cue, Hollywoodism promotes the notion that mortal souls should proclaim that THEY are God . . . Hell’s army on Earth?

* * * *

With this and so much more in-your-face, we could ask:

Have we seen this before, and was there anyone that warned us about this satanic trajectory?

We could also ask: Who promotes this trajectory, and then incessantly slanders those that had warned us about these promoters?

As you view the next film, which details the destruction of the so-called “old order” (a slander in itself) and then replacing it with their purposeful chaos, you should ask:

Is Amerika currently, in the early 21st century, enduring this same parasitic transition?

Is it now Amerika’s turn to grovel at the behest of the very same parasites that created the chaos and exploitation that characterized post ‘Versailles Treaty’ Germany? Was it these parasites that are the true origins of the horrors of World War Two?

DailyExpress-24-03-33-hyper (Click on above image for full-size.)

Some answers are found in an excellent film by Denis Wise, Babylon Before Hitler. Before you view the following film consider a quote from Dr. Manfred Reifer

“Whilst large sections of the German nation were struggling for the preservation of their race, we Jews filled the streets of Germany with our vociferations. We supplied the press with articles on the subject of its Christmas and Easter and administered to its religious beliefs in the manner we considered suitable. We ridiculed the highest ideals of the German nation and profaned the matters which it holds sacred.”

— Dr. Manfred Reifer, Weimar era Germany Jew magazine Czernowitzer Allegemeine Zeitung, September 1933 issue

Does this sound like the conditions of “social engineering” that Amerika is now enduring?

“The decay of moral values in all areas of life—the period of deepest German degradation—coincided exactly with the height of Jewish power in Germany.” — Dr Friederich Karl Wiehe, Germany and the Jewish Question.

For further details in answer to the question ‘Have we sen this before?’ see an excellent article entitled THE SEXUAL DECADENCE OF WEIMAR GERMANY.

For further evidence, in the context of the discussions above, regarding who/what really runs the affairs of Amerika, and why so many no longer sing love songs about her, see Note 3 below.

* * * *

This is not a love song . . .

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Note 1: The following speech excerpt qualifies the Shoah/rabbinical fairy tale, a canard that was implemented by the 1300+ jewish judges and clerks that overwhelmed the post World War Two proceedings known as the Nuremberg Tribunal:

Partial transcript of above talk:

“So how do we explain the fact that for 45 years since the end of World War Two, we have all, internationally, globally, been beset by a common guilt: the idea that the human race was responsible for liquidating six million human beings in gas chambers?

Well the answer is we have been subjected to the biggest propaganda offensive that the human race has ever known!

It has been conducted with such rafiness, with such refinement, with such financial clout that we have not been able to recognize it as a propaganda offensive from start to finish. And yet there are these weapons cruising past us on the horizon, in all their ugliness. The biggest weapon of course of all in this propaganda campaign against the truth, since 1945, has been the Great Battleship Auschwitz! The Battleship Auschwitz!

And we have now, at last, the historical profession – above all, the Revisionist historical profession – have found as our own task, the major task: ‘Sink the Auschwitz!’

The complete transcript is available here:


Note 2: Is ‘sexual promiscuity, depravity & perversion’ a priority of those that created and own Hollywood? Of the virtually infinite choices for a book cover, the selection made by Rabbi Yehuda Bauer, as a demonstration of his priority, is shown here:


Further discussion of this ‘sexual promiscuity, depravity & perversion’ issue is presented in the excellent video by Brother Nathanael:

Note 3:

A recent indication of who/what rules over the affairs of Amerika was provided in September 11, 2001. The horrors that followed, and were justified by 9/11, included the incursion of the American military into Afghanistan.

So while that military is justified while killing and maiming untold numbers of innocent Afghan civilians, it is barred from bringing to justice GUILTY Afghan trash who are continuously committing their crimes ON U.S. TAXPAYER-FUNDED MILITARY BASES!

But it is important to ask, in the context of Hollywoodism, what category is considered ‘off limits’ to the actions of US military personnel? Answer: Having revulsion-to and seeking to correct the SEXUAL crimes inflicted upon young Afghan boys.

For an example of how perverse and duplicitous and “emblematic” our situation has become (at the hands of the same masters who ruled over the Weimar Republic) please note in the next video what has become of American patriot, decorated Green Beret Charles Martland:

Fox News actually managed to get something right for once . . .

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